Construction, Decoration and Trading

About Us

Dear Sir,

We, GSI Co., Ltd, would like to offer our best services for your hotel, houses, offices, apartments and shops with our following best interior decoration service

  • Korea Laminate Floor, Vinyl Floor and Marble Tile Floor Installation
  • Korea Wateproof Silk Vinyl Wallpaper installation
  • Korea Sofa customized orders producing
  • Korea Safety Locks installation
  • Korea card system door lock installation
  • Hotel, House, Office and Restaurant, Hospital Design Making, Supply Construction and Decoration Service
  • Furniture Supply Service
  • Painting, Renovation, Pumbling, Lighting service.

The benefits are

  • The price is most reasonable
  • The quality is the best challenging
  • The service is the 24/7 reliable
  • The warranty is 5 years and so you can contact us anytime with our products after purchasing for any defects
  • Happiness, Peace, Luxury, Comfort and saving your cost and time

Address to Contact

Bldg 21, Room no 11, Yadanar Road, Thingangyun township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Phone: (+959) 973257810, 977906499